Friday, April 15, 2011

#MKEfoodies: Who are we?

#MKEfoodies is a group of Milwaukee area food bloggers, food enthusiasts, and food geeks. We are a food-centric social network aiming to bring the “foodie” community together through experiential, affordable events geared around food, drink and education.

of our members are on twitter.
are bloggers focusing on food, restaurants, or something to do with the food industry in this region.
appreciate good food and love to get together to talk about it.

The Birth of #MKEfoodies

The concept for #MKEfoodies grew from series of conversations (both on Twitter and in person) among Milwaukee food bloggers who expressed a desire to establish connections with others who shared their interest in food and love for the Milwaukee dining scene.  Once we realized that there was an interest, we set to work forging connections with Milwaukee area restaurants and formulating a plan for regular foodie get-togethers.  

The first #MKEfoodies gathering took place on December 8, 2010 at Roots Restaurant & Cellar.  The event, sponsored by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, Outpost Natural Foods, Nueske's, and Milwaukee Food Tours, attracted over 40 area foodies, who got together to network, socialize, and enjoy the best of local food in Milwaukee.

Since that time, #MKEfoodies has been featured in the Milwaukee Business Journal, and online at

Are you a Milwaukee Foodie?
Then join us!  Visit our Facebook page to keep up with Milwaukee area food events and get more information about upcoming events.  Follow the #MKEfoodies hashtag on twitter to keep up with the conversation!

Are you a business or restaurant who would like to host an #MKEfoodies event?
As the host of an #MKEfoodies TweetUp, all we ask is that you provide space to accommodate 40 – 50 guests. If requested, we would be happy to provide you with a final head count a few days prior to the date of the event. Each person attending will be responsible for paying for any items that they order, with the exception of any specials you may choose to offer our TweetUp guests (see below). Although a typical TweetUp will not infringe upon your ability to do “business as usual,” these events present a great opportunity for you to promote the best face of your business to area foodies.

Adding Value to a TweetUp
We would love it if your chef wanted to mingle with our guests and showcase any new menu items or special events which are coming up in the weeks following the TweetUp. Since our TweetUp attendees tend to be key influencers in the arena of food, this is your chance to spread the word about your business. Impress them, and they are likely to tweet about their experience or recommend others to check you out in the future.

One thing that always makes a TweetUp more fun is when the host chooses to feature a “TweetUp only” food or drink special, giveaway, or special exclusive sampling. Even better, offer to provide light appetizers for the event! If you are interested, please let us know in advance what you are willing to donate so that we can advertise the special when promoting the event. Likewise, if you have strong ties with a business in the area and think they would be interested in providing samples, hosting a giveaway, or providing any promotional materials or “swag” for the event, please let us know since we typically work to solicit area businesses to act as in-kind sponsors for our gatherings.

Group contact:
Co-founders Paul or Lori Fredrich
@Burp_Blog on Twitter

Restaurants who have participated in #MKEfoodies events:

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