Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cookies' Supporters Unite to Make May 2011 the Organization's Biggest Fundraising Month on Record

Big thanks to everyone who participated in our May 2011 MKEfoodies bake sale.  We totally did it!  

Together with many other volunteers in many other states, in 31 short-but-busy days in May, we raised over half a million dollars for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. 

All of you acted on the belief that every dollar can make a difference, and together we more than met the $225,000 match from our long time partners at The Glad Products Company. Total funds raised for the month of May come in at nearly $750,000 – the highest-grossing single fundraising month to date for Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. 

The achievement was inspired by what should have been the 7th birthday of the Witt’s son, Liam, on May 13th. Known to many as Prince Liam the Brave, Liam came to the end of a courageous 4-year battle with cancer in late January. What followed was a call to action from both the organization and longtime corporate partner The Glad Products Company to honor Liam’s birthday and to inspire support for the fight against pediatric cancer. Glad stepped forward with the promise to match funds raised at bake sales in May up to $225,000. This match represents the company’s largest single donation to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer in the shortest amount of time. Because of the match, Cookies for Kids’ Cancer’s total income for May, counting both the event donations and the Glad match, totaled more than $750,000.

“As a way to honor Liam and inspire people to join the cause, Glad held our largest match since
we began supporting Cookies for Kids’ Cancer in 2009 in the shortest window of time,” shared Molly Steinkrauss, Public Relations Manager for Glad Storage Products. “It was inspiring to see how friends, families, communities and even strangers came together to help Cookies for Kids’ Cancer raise more money and host more bake sales in one month than ever before.”

“We are humbled by and grateful for the goodness of people who host Cookies for Kids’ Cancer
bake sales. And we are especially thankful to Glad for their ongoing support in the fight against pediatric cancer,” says Gretchen Holt Witt, founder of Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. “Each day, our mission is to not only honor Liam’s love and passion for life but also to keep alive his desire to take care of others. We do this by supporting new, safer treatments for pediatric cancer, because every child deserves the chance to grow up. We already know children who are benefitting from treatments funded by Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. Every effort counts, and every dollar counts.”

The news of May’s record-breaking success comes on the heels of the organization’s
announcement of $700,000 in grants to top pediatric cancer research centers, with plans to grant more funds again in September during pediatric cancer awareness month.

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