Monday, March 25, 2013

Change is Awesome: Important News from MKEfoodies

MKEfoodies is getting bigger and better.

Many of you have noticed that our events are filling up quickly and selling out more often than ever.  We think that’s awesome! 

However, since our aim is to continue to provide the best experiential food-based events possible while raising money for community organizations that really make a difference, we need to make a few changes to the way we operate in order to accommodate our increasing numbers.

Since you are important to us, we wanted you to be the first to know about these important changes.


Normally, we collect donations of $5+ at the door of each event. But, starting with our next event at Wolf Peach on April 16, we will be requiring that all attendees make a minimum non-refundable online donation of $8 when registering for each event.


First, we hope this process will streamline the donations process for our community organizations. Rather than handing them a “wad of cash,” we’ll now be able to cut each organization a check. This keeps our records cleaner and allows us to track our donations more effectively.  Secondly, we hope that this process will ensure that we can raise the most money possible for the community organizations we’re sponsoring.

If you’re curious about exactly what will happen to your money, this is the plan: AT LEAST $5 of your donation will be donated directly to the organization we are supporting, while the remaining charge will cover administrative costs, including Eventbrite fees, nametags and related event supplies.  This will allow us to keep our organization operating efficiently… which means more fun, community oriented events created specifically with foodies in mind.


WHAT IF I WANT TO GIVE MORE THAN $5 to the organization?

You still can. When you register, purchase one (or more) EVENT ADMISSION ticket(s) for $8. Then select a DONATION ONLY ticket to make your additional donation.  Please note that you MUST purchase one event ticket for each person who is attending.  The DONATION ONLY ticket is exactly that – a donation – and does not secure you a space at the event. ALSO -- We’ll still keep a jar available at each event for additional cash donations.

WHAT IF I CAN’T ATTEND, but would still like to support the organization of the month?

That’s easy.  Just choose the DONATION ONLY ticket and make your donation.  Please note:  DONATION ONLY tickets are not good for admission to the event.


In addition to our weeknight social events, we’ll be rolling out a number of other types of events over the next few months.  Attendees will be charged a nominal fee for some events, but we think you’ll be really excited about some of the offerings we’re putting together. Truffle tasting, anyone?

Despite these changes, we offer this promise to you:  Our focus will remain solidly on the two things on which our organization was founded -- food and community.

We appreciate your patience as we move forward with our new format, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event.
As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at

Lori and Paul Fredrich
MKEfoodies Co-Founders
contact us:

Thanks to you, we're getting bigger and better!

As a result, we're looking for ways to work more effectively and efficiently.

Summary of Changes:

Starting with registration for our next event, we will be requiring $8 upfront from all attendees -- this amount is non-refundable, with $5 going automatically to the community organization of the month.
ALL attendees will still be able to donate MORE than $5 to the community organization of the month  either at the event OR online.
Those who are UNable to attend an event can still support the community organization of the month through an online donation.
We will be working to expand the types of events we offer in the coming months.

Mark your calendars for an evening at Wolf Peach
on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 




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