Sunday, December 15, 2013

#MKEfoodies Go to School

Whiskey school, that is.

On Dec. 11, #MKEfoodies convened at Palomino in Bay View for the December social. Before Santa handed out foodie-focused gifts and some guests feasted on fried chicken, cornbread and mac and cheese, Palomino's beverage director schooled the group on whiskey.

A whiskey lesson isn't complete without some samples, and the group tried three tasty and unique varieties:

  • Sam Houston Whiskey
  • Corner Creek Bourbon
  • Bulleit Rye Whiskey 

In the midst of the tastings, the group learned some interesting whiskey tidbits, including: 
  1. Whiskey, which is made from grain, is nothing more than distilled beer. Just like beer, malted barley and other grains are the sugar sources necessary for fermentation. 
  2. All whiskies must contain at least 40% alcohol by volume (ABV). Some whiskies on the market are over 70% ABV. 
  3. Bourbon is the most well-known style of whiskey in the United States. And it's so popular that the distillers can't make enough of it.  
  4. Scotland has more distilleries than any other country, with close to 100 of them throughout the country, and the most distinctive Scotch whiskies are single malts. 
  5. To truly appreciate and understand a whiskey, don't just take a quick first sip. Instead, first look at it (what color is it?), smell it (what is the whiskey's aroma?) and then taste it (what flavors do you taste?).

We look forward to seeing you at the first #MKEfoodies' social of 2014 at Blue's Egg on Thursday, Jan. 9! 

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