Friday, July 25, 2014

Get Your Dinner Lab Membership Now

A month ago, Dinner Lab announced their plan to double the number of cities they serve--and Milwaukee is part of this expansion! Started in August 2012 in New Orleans, Dinner Lab hosts multiple dinners with rotating chefs throughout the country.

Here’s how it works: sign up for an annual membership ($125 for Milwaukee) by July 31. This gives you access not only to the events taking place in Milwaukee, but in all Dinner Lab cities.

Dinners happen once every two to three weeks and can increase to a few times a week if there’s a demand. Half the chefs are from outside of the local market, and half will be local chefs. To add even more excitement, dinners are not held in the usual settings. Past feasts in other cities have been on rooftops and others in old warehouses. Locations are sent to ticket holders a day or two in advance of the scheduled date.

The first dinner will be on August 22 and tickets are $55. I wouldn't wait much longer to sign up and grab your tickets! Dinner Lab's Chef Danny Espinoza from Chicago will be cooking this one.

Here's a look at the menu Chef Espinoza has planned:
Anomar - Modern Mexican Cuisine

  1. Tiradito de Cobia: spiced chicharron, lemon curd, pickled grape, cilantro
  2. Ensalada de Verdolagas: purslane, beets, pepitas, requeson
  3. Tiayuda: masa flatbread, chicken carnitas, mushroom escabeche, mole
  4. Puerco en Curtido: pickled pork tenderloin, celery root al pastor, charred pineapple, tortilla puree
  5. Deep In Cider: apple mousse, cider cajeta gelee, walnut compote, cinnamon churro, tangerine gem

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