Thursday, August 28, 2014

Film Feast: The Starfish Throwers

Over the next week, we'll be featuring a film a day from the Film Feast series here on our site in anticipation of the release of the entire official Milwaukee Film Festival schedule on September 5th.

“A luminous window into the lives of true local heroes, this documentary is sure to leave the spectator with the feeling that they too can make a change in the lives of those around them.”                                                                        - The Arts Guild: 4✭
The Starfish Throwers
(USA, India / 2014 / Director: Jesse Roesler)

A powerful rejoinder to those who believe one person alone can't bring about change, The Starfish Throwers chronicles the heartwarming individual stories of three people from wildly different backgrounds—a top chef in India, a middle school girl, and a retired schoolteacher—who decide to combat world hunger despite seemingly insurmountable odds. Be it the donated bounties of backyard gardens, a night's sleep lost to deliver sandwiches and goods to those stuck in the Minneapolis cold, or the daily preparation and delivery of meals to the homeless, each of these inspirational stories proves that one person can positively impact the world.

Watch the trailer: 

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