Friday, August 29, 2014

Film Feast: Zone Pro Site: A Moveable Feast

And finally -- the moment we've been waiting for -- we're pleased to announce the film we'll be sponsoring as a community partner for the Milwaukee Film Festival this year!

"Tropical Fish" director Yu-Hsun Chen returns after 16 years with this colorful pop comedy celebrating badoh, the Taiwanese outdoor banquet tradition. Blending multiple genres with plates full of gourmet grub and a hefty helping of food-fanatic classics like Juzo Itami’s "Tampopo" and Stephen Chow’s "The God of Cookery,"  "Zone Pro Site" stretches like a street noodle, but always remains satisfyingly toothsome.
                                                                                            - Jackson Scarlett
Zone Pro Site: A Moveable Feast
(Taiwan / 2013 / Director: Yu-Hsun Chen)

This top-grossing Taiwanese culinary comedy follows the humble return of Wan to her family catering business after the modeling career she had set out for ends with heaps of debt and some shady characters demanding money. An opportunity reveals itself: a cooking contest in the classic art of “bandoh” (a Taiwanese custom of outdoor banquets) with a substantial cash prize. With the help of a handsome man known only as “The Gourmet Doctor,” Wan looks to prove her cooking bona fides to her skeptical family and rid herself of those pesky debt collectors once and for all in this delicious rom-com.

Watch the trailer: 

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