Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bake Sale Worthy Cookies: Low Sugar Anisette Cookies

In honor of our upcoming MKEfoodies Holiday Bake Sale on DEC 6, we're going to be sharing all sorts of great recipes for treats on our blog through the end of the month.

So, get your baking tools ready!

The holidays are filled with sweet treats. And sometimes that can lead to sugar overload. So, it's nice when you can create delicious cookies that are a bit less sweet.
Do you love the flavor of licorice? Are you trying to cut back on sugar?

Then these cookies are for you.  They use Truvia instead of sugar, making them perfect for those who are trying to cut back.

Amanda of Amanda's Cookin' says she's made them every Christmas since 2008, and they're always a hit.

If you're not fond of the flavor of anise/licorice, feel free to substitute almond or vanilla extract in the recipe.

Get the recipe: Low Sugar Anisette Cookies

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