Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bake Sale Worthy Cookies: Santa's Lemon Berry Popcorn Cookies

In honor of our upcoming MKEfoodies Holiday Bake Sale on DEC 6, we're going to be sharing all sorts of great recipes for treats on our blog through the end of the month.

So, get your baking tools ready!

When it comes to the holidays, traditions are awesome. We all have our favorite standbys -- whether it's gingerbread, spritz cookies, or just a simple sugar cookie with royal icing.

But, sometimes you just want to make something different for the holidays. These are cookies for that point in time.

These tart little cookies are packed with deceptively big flavor.

They were created by Jena and Jim of Little Rusted Ladle, who remade basic shortbread with lemon zest and limoncello and then added a strawberry topping and kettle corn to the mix.
Creative?  We think so!
You won't find these cookies at the neighborhood bakery, that's for sure.

Get the recipe: Santa's Lemon Berry Popcorn Cookies

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