Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bake Sale Worthy Cookies: Squeezably Soft Gingerbread Cookies

In honor of our upcoming MKEfoodies Holiday Bake Sale on DEC 6, we're going to be sharing all sorts of great recipes for treats on our blog through the end of the month.

So, get your baking tools ready!

Does anything say Christmas more than a batch of freshly made gingerbread cookies?

We can just smell the delicious odor wafting through our kitchen... the cinnamon, molasses and cloves lingering in the air.

It's making us downright hungry.

This recipe from Felisha Wild of Our Daily Salt contains no eggs or dairy.  And, unlike many traditional gingerbread cookies, they're soft and chewy rather than hard and crunchy.

"Not only do these cookies turn out pillowy soft but they are bursting with mouth watering flavor," says Felisha.

Get out those cookie cutters and try them out!

Get the recipe: Soft (Vegan) Gingerbread Cookies

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