Wednesday, May 27, 2015

7 Tips for Getting the Most out of the Walker's Point Food Crawl

-- By Chelsie Niehoff

Last year was the first time I attended the Walkers Point Food Crawl and I had a blast! However, I didn't know what to expect and wish I would have been more prepared to conquer my afternoon of eating!

So, I've put together a list of Tips and Tricks for mastering the crawl. Anyone else have other suggestions?
  • Strategize! 
    • Before you run off for food, set a strategy for the day.  Prioritize which restaurants you want to go to (which are already published on the website) and plot your route from there.  You can then figure out how long you'll have each restaurant and how long you'd be willing to wait to ensure you see all the ones you want. 
  • Keep it moving.  
    • Because the crawl is only 3 hours long (4 for some of you lucky folks!), you're better off not waiting around too long at one restaurant if you want to hit them all.  If a crowd starts building, consider moving onto another place and stopping back later.  
  • Don't fill up!
    • I'm embarrassed to admit but this was my big mistake last year (rookie move).  Make sure to pace yourself throughout the day. There is more than enough food to fill you up and share with others in your party. My strategy around eating is my boyfriend and I always order different dishes and split them, that way we can have a taste of everything- if you don't mind sharing, this is the way to go.  
  • Wear layers.
    • I'm always surprised with how different the temperature is down in Walker's Point from other areas of the city- especially the western 'burbs!  Because of it's proximity to the water, expect cooler temps and maybe more wind the day of the event.  Layers are perfect for an event like this, especially with all the walking you'll be doing. 
  • Don't forget comfortable shoes!
    • This may be obvious but still worth noting.  Because the crawl spands quite a number of blocks, make sure you wear comfy shoes. Last thing you want is blisters getting in the way of delicious food. 
  • Consider bringing your bike. 
    • Biking is a good alternative to getting down to Walkers Point since parking is limited to whatever you can find on the street.  Biking is also a great way to travel quickly between each of the restaurants and beat the crowds. 
  • Tip, tip, tip!
    • Lastly, in case you needed reminding, our partners in this event go above and beyond to serve all 300 of you.  It's not an easy feat and we appreciate there support each and every year.  If you get good service and enjoy the food, make sure to tip your bartenders and servers. 

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