MKEfoodies can help you design a unique menu, develop a strong social media campaign, create special events and other ways to promote your restaurant or food business. Additionally, we are available for customized projects such as creating and launching a blogger outreach strategy or a brand ambassador program, etc. If you have something in mind that isn't listed in the below services, please email us and we can discuss your needs.
  • Seasonal menu development
  • Social media audit and strategy creation
  • Website services
  • Event planning
Food business:
  • Tastings, seminars and representation
  • Product development services
  • Retail and packaging consulting
  • Social media audit and strategy creation
  • Website services

Are you a business or restaurant who would like to host an MKEfoodies event?
Contact us! As the host of an MKEfoodies social event, all we ask is that you provide space to accommodate 35 – 50 guests. Each person attending will be responsible for paying for any items that they order including gratuity, with the exception of any specials you may choose to offer our guests. These events present a great opportunity for you to promote the best face of your business to area foodies.

Have another idea for an event? Contact us and we can help bring your ideas to life!

Advertise is dedicated to the celebration of all food and drink in the southeastern Wisconsin region. From fine dining to casual pubs, from restaurant kitchens to home cooks -- we aim to be passionate, discerning and inclusive in our appreciation of all things edible. We publish trusted content that gives our readers confidence when it comes to selecting the best restaurants, highest quality products and recipes. Our audience is comprised of an established and passionate community of food and spirit enthusiasts who trust our content to highlight the absolute best in dining and eating in the greater Milwaukee area.

Becoming an advertiser provides an opportunity for you to reach a targeted, highly engaged audience that is responsive to products and services that meet their unique interests and needs.
Please contact us for more information about partnering with MKEfoodies at
Group contact:
Co-founders: Paul and Lori Fredrich
Twitter: @mkefoodies

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